Charter of services


Fundamental principles

According to the Council of Ministers’ Directive of 27 January 1994, the relationship between service providers and citizens must be governed by the so-called “Basic Principles” in order to improve user satisfaction.

Following this same directive, all public health service providers must adopt and guarantee standards of quality and quantity of service through the adoption of a “Charter of Services” (D.L. n. 163 and Law 11 July 1995 n. 273)The aim is essentially to protect citizens’ rights by giving them the power to control the quality of the services provided.

4Smile Srl has drawn up its Charter of Services and is committed to ensuring its dissemination so that it becomes a real participatory tool for its users.

This Charter of Services, in addition to providing detailed information on the services offered by the Medical and Dental Center “4Smile”, allows the user to evaluate the quality and make proposals on the subject, thus allowing 4Smile to operate targeted interventions for a constant improvement of services.