Treat problems related to chewing, craniomandibular or temporomandibular dysfunctions

Gnathological therapy

The Gnathology deals with the study of the functions, dysfunctions and pathologies of the maxillary bones, diagnosing and treating problems related to chewing, craniomandibular or temporary dysfunctionsmandibular: such problems can manifest themselves through the most varied symptoms, including humming, headaches, dizziness, joint noises, postural problems, incoordination in mandibular movements, etc.

In more complex cases gnathological therapy can be associated with other dental care (orthodontic, surgical or prosthetic).
Our study provides the best methodologies and equipment for a correct diagnosis, including the Tac 3D, and therapeutic devices among the most appropriate, such as the gnathological bite of Roth, as well as a physiotherapist of ATM, specializing in temporomandibular joint problems.