The dental treatment of the child

Dental treatment of the child is indispensable for the proper development of permanent teeth: this is why it is advisable to bring the little patients to the figure of the dentist early. We monitor the development of deciduous teeth (milk teeth), in order to decide what measures to take to keep the shape and function of teeth healthy over time. This visit also becomes an opportunity to introduce the little patient to daily oral hygiene and proper nutrition to preserve the health of the teeth. Depending on the state of health of the teeth, we can recommend fluoride applications to promote the mineralization of the teeth or to seal the grooves of the newly erupted teeth, to help prevent caries.

We will be able to check if there are indications for orthodontic therapy, to resolve early possible abnormalities of positioning that would be more difficult to resolve in an older age. In addition, if the child has suffered a complete or partial fracture of the crown of a tooth it is possible to reconstruct it. The tooth is repaired with a permanent and durable material.

Caries prevention for young patients

Sealing of the grooves

The sealing of the grooves and pits of the chewing surface of the teeth is a technique of prevention of caries for small patients. It is mainly applied on permanent molars or, if necessary, also on premolars and milk wheels. It involves the application of a material that mechanically closes the groove, preserving it from bacteria and food residues.

Application of fluoride

Smooth tooth surfaces can be easily attacked by caries when it is poorly calcified. Applying a fluoride ion gel makes the tooth more resistant. Fluoride has been shown to promote tooth mineralization and inhibit plaque and inhibit
The application of a fluoride-ion gel makes the tooth more resistant.