Periodontology deals with problems that can occur to the supporting tissues of the tooth, namely the gum and bone. Often, when the teeth are not stable, the problem is to be found in the supporting tissues. The presence of dental mobility can be caused by bone loss that leads to the formation of real pockets around the teeth.

To preserve the teeth, the type of intervention changes depending on the size and morphology of the bone defect. If the defect is small, you can solve the problem with non-surgical therapies, such as root sanding or curettage.

What to do

In case of defects of greater extension or complexity and in case of gingival recessions with exposure of part of the root of the tooth, the problem is solved with small surgical interventions. People to whom implants have been inserted may also develop inflammation or infection of adjacent tissues; these are called perimplantitis and more frequently are caused by poor or incorrect oral hygiene.

For this reason, our patients who have had implantology, prosthetics or periodontology are included in a program of oral hygiene calls every 3/4 months.