Nicola De Simone

Medical Surgeon Dentist

Contribute to the realization of a dentistry quality in a small town in the province of Southern Italy. This was “my dream” when I made the first professional studio in 1985. Taking care not only of the teeth but pre/caring for the person as a whole, putting prevention first and offering innovation and technology in one place.

Over time it has been forming a small reality that nevertheless uses very close and valuable contributions both in the studio (implantology, prostheses, 3D radiology, conscious sedation, diode laser, piezosurgery, physiotherapy, etc.) that outside (Dental Clinic of the University of Foggia, the University of L’Aquila and Ancona , Villa Lucia Hospital for Orthognatic Surgery, FACE-Italy Institute of Dr. Renato Cocconi of Parma) to make a concrete contribution to the well-being and health of the person.

Our commitment to be always in step with the times through a constant professional update, through highly qualified training paths, allows us to meet the most diverse requests. The Firm is in fact able to cover all aspects of modern dentistry and, true added value, within the same structure, ensuring customers a reliable and timely service, with all the comfort and safety to carry out the necessary treatments and treatments in a single structure.

Our choice is to operate by making strictly accurate diagnoses and treatment plans that take into account the subjective and objective needs. Different options, not only depending on the problem but also the invasiveness of the treatments, the sensitivity of the patient and, last but not least, the financial commitment.