Payments and Financing

“4Smile” Methods of Payment
The 4Smile Dental Center leaves the greatest possible freedom to Patients as to the method of payment, giving details on the invoice issued to the Patient:
  • Cash (for amounts less than €5,000);
  • Bank draft;
  • POS;
  • Credit Card;
  • Cryptocurrencies;

Deferred payment with PAGODIL system for a maximum amount of €8,000 and deferred payment up to a maximum of 20 months. Minimum down payment 10%. For information, ask in the Secretariat.

Interest-free financing up to 30 months.
For information, ask in the Secretariat.


For all budgeted services, the Center offers:

  • Payment in advance (balance before the work is carried out). Maximum 5% discount on the overall estimate;
  • Deferred payment with PAGODIL system up to 20 months (no discount). Minimum down payment 10%;
  • Interest-free financing up to 30 months (no discount).

Discount options are not applied to benefits from existing agreements.
Discount options cannot be combined with each other.
The patient may choose the most convenient discount option.
The Secretariat is available for further clarification.

Timing of Payment

The 4Smile Dental Practice adopts a protocol to guarantee the rights of the Patient and, at the same time, to protect the Practice and its clinical activities. If the Patient decides not to take advantage of the discounts (see below), payments are scheduled as follows:

  • Dentistry – Each service must be paid for on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the estimate delivered and countersigned by the Patient prior to commencement of treatment;
  • Prosthetics – A down-payment of one third of the total budgeted amount is due upon acceptance of the estimate, one third of the total during the trial of the prosthetic artefact and the remaining third before delivery of the final artefact;
  • Implantology – The cost of the implant shall be paid upon acceptance of the Estimate and, in any event, before the procedure is performed;
  • OrthodonticsPrepayment or deferred payment through the PAGODIL system. If you agree to combine the orthodontic treatment with the restraining appliances, the price of the latter will remain unchanged until their delivery. ***For orthodontics with clear aligners there is a 10% payment upon acceptance of the estimate, then upon acceptance of the treatment plan (Clin-Check) and balance upon delivery. Alternatively, payment in advance with a 5% discount or, finally, deferred payment with PAGODIL.

In any case, it will always be possible to agree with Dr. Nicola De Simone on other payment methods that meet your needs and those of the health centre.


Failure on the part of the Patient to comply with the contractual terms and conditions will result in the suspension of treatment until the contractual obligations have been met.